AYA’s Kids range is specifically formulated for children and babies to support development, growth, and to help support their immune systems, hero products include: AYA Baby Sunshine D Drops, required for the maintenance of normal bones and teeth, for calcium absorption, and the normal function of the immune system; and AYA Kids Crunchy Multi, a tasty blackcurrant flavour once-a-day formulation for children designed to protect against nutrient deficiencies by providing 22 essential nutrients to promote growth, immunity, and general good health and development. Many of AYA’s colourful new kids and baby range are unique products that contribute to the overall development in healthy children, while others will help support certain requirements or conditions, including coping with the dreaded colic (AYA Baby Gripe Water), supporting digestion (AYA Kids Appletite), tackling sore throats (AYA Kids Honey & Lemon), or helping to replenish essential nutrients during periods of diarrhoea (AYA Kids Diarrease).