AYA is a vitamin and supplement brand, specially developed by Irish company Uniphar and launched in 2019. At AYA, we are committed to delivering only the highest quality food supplements and vitamins to support health and well-being for all the family. Our research-backed products are formulated by scientists to deliver noticeable health benefits to customers.

The AYA range consists of 36 products and is widely available across the country. The AYA adult line comprises of over 20 products, all presented in distinctive blue packaging, catering for a wide range of health benefits.

AYA kid’s range is specifically formulated for children and babies to support development, growth and boost immunity all year round. At AYA, we are committed to delivering the highest quality products that parents can have confidence in, at an affordable price.

AYA offers the perfect package to meet the growing demand for high quality affordable food supplements and lifestyle wellness for all the family. Now more than ever, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet is of key importance, with vitamins and supplements playing an important support role.

AYA products are gluten-free, vegan-friendly, or vegetarian.