Introducing AYA Electrolyte Plus

AYA, the leading Irish vitamin and supplement brand for all the family is delighted to announce the launch of AYA Electrolyte Plus.

AYA Electrolytes Plus provides a rapid hydration formula enriched with 13 vitamins and minerals. Designed to give you an energy boost and help in the reduction in tiredness and fatigue.

AYA Electrolytes PLUS contains essential minerals including magnesium which contributes towards electrolyte balance and is essential for taking water into the cells effectively.

The formulation includes vitamins B and C which aid towards normal energy yielding metabolism and a reduction in tiredness & fatigue to promote general well-being.

The Effervescent tablets dissolve instantly in water and the nutrients are absorbed quickly in the body. Available in two delicious flavours, Lemon, and Lime & Blackcurrant.

If you want to Live the AYA way and give your body, fast hydration, an energy boost, and immunity support, AYA Electrolytes Plus is for you.

AYA Brand Partner and Irish International Footballer Amber Barrett says ‘’I take my diet and lifestyle seriously. I have partnered up with multivitamin brand AYA, which is now a mainstay of my daily routine. It’s a good fit for me to help stay healthy, not get run-down or get colds. AYA has recently launched a new Electrolyte Plus product which I will ensure I take plenty of ahead of the World Cup. AYA Electrolytes Plus provides rapid hydration, gives an energy boost, and contains vitamins and minerals! It’s my go to, to ensure I am feeling good and game ready.

AYA Brand Partner and Irish International rugby player Robbie Henshaw says, ‘Aya Electrolytes helps me through my busy schedule. It is a potent powerhouse formula with 13 vitamins and minerals. It helps my immunity and general well-being. I also find taking AYA Electrolytes really helps to support the reduction in tiredness and fatigue’’.

AYA is committed to delivering only the highest quality food supplements and vitamins to support health and well-being for all the family. The range of 39 products caters for adults, children, and babies. Exclusive to Irish pharmacy AYA is widely available across the country including Allcare Pharmacy, Life Pharmacy, Hickeys Pharmacy, McCauley Pharmacy, and other leading Groups and Independent Pharmacies, where staff are trained to give advice and guidance on appropriate products. AYA’s research-backed products are formulated by scientists to deliver noticeable health benefits to customers and are gluten-free and vegan-friendly or vegetarian.

The distinctive blue bottles of AYA’s adult range reflect the iconic apothecary of the old world, with contents that have been formulated based on the latest cutting-edge research. While many of AYA’s colourful kids and baby range are unique products that contribute to the overall development in healthy children, and others help to support certain requirements or conditions.

AYA Electrolyte Plus available in pharmacies for €8.95 nationwide NOW.