Say Heya to Anna

Anna Daly is the new Brand Ambassador for AYA Supplements.

As an experienced broadcaster, businesswoman, and mum of three, Anna enjoys a busy lifestyle and relies on her AYA vitamins and supplements to help her to stay well, support her immunity, and give her the energy she needs to live life to the full. Anna also ensures her family take AYA supplements regularly too, to help them meet their nutritional requirements every day.

Anna’s Brand Ambassador work with AYA will see her supporting some exciting new product launches, creating social media content to promote the brand, and attending events throughout the year.

Anna Daly, AYA Brand Ambassador, comments, “Working with Irish brand, AYA, is a partnership that feels natural. I’m excited to become the face of a brand that Irish people rely on for trusted health supplements and key vitamins to boost our immune systems, in a time where we need that health boost more than ever.”

Anna’s Top 5 Picks from the AYA range are:

  1. AYA Ultimate One A Day – A potent powerhouse multivitamin packed with 40 vital vitamins and minerals to meet the complex demands of modern life. “This is the perfect all-rounder for those who want a quick and effective way of meeting their nutritional needs with minimum fuss,” according to Anna.
  2. AYA Magnesium Citrate – Required for normal psychological function as well as nerve function, heart circulation, joint health and energy levels, magnesium is an essential mineral. AYA Magnesium Citrate is a high potency formulation that is gentle on the stomach. Anna loves it because magnesium has been proven to reduce the impact of migraine, which she suffers from.
  3. AYA Kids Crunchy Multi – providing 20 essential vitamins and minerals this multivitamin is suitable for children aged 3+, supporting growth, immunity and development in a chewable blackcurrant flavoured tablet. Anna says her boys love it: “There are no complaints as it tastes great, and it gives us that extra reassurance that we’re doing everything we can to keep them safe and strong.”
  4. AYA UItimate 10 Billion – A probiotic supplement to support digestive and immune health by helping to restore a healthy balance of friendly bacteria in the gut, Anna is a fan and says “we’re always hearing how important gut health is to our overall wellbeing, and how stress and poor diet can affect it. I take this probiotic daily as it’s a high potency formula and I know no matter how hectic my day or week is, this keeps me on the right track.”
  5. AYA Omega 3 Fish Oil – Containing EPA and DHA, essential fatty acids which have anti-inflammatory actions helping to support joint health, as well as heart health, vision, brain function, and healthy skin, hair and nails, this is one of Anna’s go-to supplements for the overall health benefits it delivers.

Aine Devlin, AYA’s Marketing Manager, states, “We’re thrilled to be working with Anna Daly this year as the AYA brand continues to grow from strength to strength. With her busy lifestyle as a mum, broadcaster and entrepreneur Anna epitomises the AYA customer – someone who wants themselves and their family to feel their best every day.”

Exclusive to Irish Pharmacy, the AYA range of 34 products for adults, children and babies is widely available across the country, including Allcare Pharmacy, Life Pharmacy, Hickeys Pharmacy, McCauley Pharmacy, and other leading Groups and Independent Pharmacies, where staff are trained to give advice and guidance on appropriate products. AYA’s research-backed products are formulated by scientists to deliver noticeable health benefits to customers and are gluten-free and vegan-friendly or vegetarian.

The distinctive blue bottles of AYA’s adult range reflect the iconic apothecary of the old world, with contents that have been formulated based on the latest cutting-edge research. While many of AYA’s colourful kids and baby range are unique products that contribute to the overall development in healthy children, and others help to support certain requirements or conditions.